Alcatraz for me is the best place to visit in San Francisco.

BUT getting to Alcatraz and then enjoying your trip can be hard without the correct steps. Here is what you must do:

  1. Alcatraz Cruises is the only tour company which allows you to land on the island and then tour the island, all other companies simply sail around.

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Suggested San Francisco Itineraries

The following itineraries are for one full day. Each separate itinerary can be completed on any day. Itineraries are guides designed to help you, you do not have to follow them rigidly đŸ™‚

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Visiting The Golden Gate Bridge – San Francisco

Though The Golden Gate Bridge is the most iconic landmark of San Francisco often there is no preparation taken to visit the Bridge. Situated at the opening of San Francisco Bay its conditions are very different to that of Downtown San Francisco. Cold, and very windy and often foggy. Here are tips and information for visiting:

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What to do while staying or visiting the Silicon Valley (and surrounding areas)?

It is always advisable to rent a car the moment you step out of the airport.Though many write that the public transport system of San Francisco is more than ample, for families it can consume a lot of money and the biggest downfall – TIME !! Hiring a car provides flexibility and opens doors as to where you can go as a tourist. If staying or visiting the Silicon Valley hiring a car is needed to make the most of the Silicon Valley and San Francisco.

Here are a few places in the Silicon Valley that must be visited by car:

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How to approach booking accomodation whilst in San Francisco – A Step By Step Guide

Staying in a hotel in San Francisco can be incredibly expensive, especially if travelling as a family with children. This can often mean that most of a person’s spending budget is spent on accommodation. This post aims to give you an insight into affordable places to stay whilst visiting San Francisco along with how to save money and make sure a booking is reliable.

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