Universal Studios and Disneyland

Both theme parks, the main attraction of Los Angeles, and both are starkly different. I outline below the basics of both parks, what to pack, and how to make the most of your day.

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The Dodger’s Stadium – LA

The Los Angeles experience will be incomplete without going to a baseball game. Experience the L.A life, and do what fellow Angelenos do. This was probably our most American experience of the entire road trip.

In fact most viewers were not out sweltering in the hot LA sun but rather on the constant look out for food. Armed with nachos, hot dogs and drinks you watch the game for as long as your food lasts. Go to the information desk for birthday badges and more.

Book tickets in advance as they can often sell out, and maybe the best thing of Dodger’s stadium is that they allow you to bring in food and drinks.

Immerse yourself in the Dodger’s spirit.