Death Valley – Tips and Itinerary

The Death Valley drive is continually voted as one of the top ten in the world. Why? It is extreme. Death Valley is an example of one of THE MOST EXTREME climates in the world. With sand dunes, salt flats and large swathes of dry barren land, whilst driving through Death Valley you will be in awe.

Death Valley, Furnace Creek recorded the hottest temperature ever measured, of 56.7C  (though it was 48.3C when we visited).

As visitors of Death Valley in the summer we do not suggest staying at Death Valley but rather a drive through. Stopping of at Scotty’s Castle Scotty’s Castle is CLOSED until further notice due to flood damage, and is not likely to re-open to the public until 2019., Badwater Basin – the lowest point in the USA. Here is a suggested itinerary breakdown:

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  1. 1st stop in Death valley is Furnace Creek visitor centre. Death Valley National Park, Furnace Creek, CA 92328, United States Spend 45 minutes in the visitor center to get oriented, see the exhibits, perhaps see the park’s film.


  1. Drive to Badwater Basin – To get to Badwater Basin: From Furnace Creek, drive seventeen miles south on Badwater Road. The parking area for Badwater Basin will be on the right. The road passes Artist’s Drive, another worthy attraction with unique Death Valley geology.

Badwater Basin address: Badwater Road, Death Valley National Park, Death Valley, CA92328

  1. Artists Drive. Artists Dr, California, USA. On the way to Badwater Basin we will go directly on badwater road, but on  the way back we will take the Artists drive loop.

You can take road off artists drive called Artists palette to view Artist’s palette. There are many colours on rock. The turnoff is on the east side of the road between Golden Canyon and the Devil’s Golf Course. Highlight of Artists Drive.

  1. Go to Zabriskie Point To get to Zabriskie Point: From Furnace Creek, drive southeast on Highway 109 (opposite way we came in from Bakersfield) for 4 miles. Turn right into the parking lot for Zabriskie Point.

Zabriskie Point address: Zabriskie Point Road, Death Valley National Park, Death Valley,CA 92328

  1. Go to Dante’s View – To get to Dante’s View: From Furnace Creek, drive southeast for 11 miles (passing Zabriskie Point). Turn right on Dante’s View Road and drive 13 miles up to the road’s end at Dante’s View.

Dante’s View address: Dantes View Road, Death Valley National Park, Death Valley, CA92328

It is a further 2.5 hour drive to Las Vegas

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Practical Tips:

  • Make sure you have plenty of water as stepping foot outside of the car will result in manic sweating – a bucketful of water loss. Dehydration can be fatal.
  • Emergency Phones
    Telephones are located at all of the park communities, resorts, contact stations, and museums. In an emergency, dial 911. Cell phones do not work in Death Valley! Do not depend on a cell phone for your safety. This also means that you can not rely on your phone i.e Google Maps for diirections as there will be no service. Instead invest in a Sat Nav at the beginning of your stay. Make sure your Sat Nav has maps of both California and Nevada, otherwise you willbe stuck in one state.
  • Fuel
    It is always a good idea to keep a full tank in your vehicle as distances are great and fuel is available in the park only at Furnace Creek Ranch, Stovepipe Wells Village, and Panamint Springs Resort. Diesel and propane may purchased at Furnace Creek Ranch.
  • National Park Entrance Fee : You will see signs saying that you must pay a Parkentrance fee, however this is only applicable if you will be staying overnight in the NationalPark. If so  then you can pay in the Furnace Creek Visitor centre or one of the paystations
  • Visitor Centre Opening Hours:  8am–5pm. The Park Rangers are despicable and will close the visitor centre on the dot at 5pm. No questions.You have a baby, get back in the heat. You are old and want to feel the air conditioning for a few seconds,no can do. Plan your visiting times accordingly.
  • Toilets: Toilets in the park consist of holes in the ground. Go to the toilet before going to the park.


You must visit Death Valley once in your life !!!!!

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