Which Supermarket Should You Shop At in California ?

The main supermarkets are Target, Walmart, Safeway, Vons and Ralphs.

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All though all five are perfect for everyday, Safeway is by far the best.Cheaper and with better food products if many Supermarkets are at your disposal you should choose Safeway.

If you wish to find supermarkets simply type ‘Supermarkets near me’ into google.

However you must also keep in mind that different supermarkets are prevalent in different locations throughout California. Safeway for example is more prevalent in Northern California compared to Southern California.

Furthermore in the UK and Europe a wide variety of readily packaged meals such as sandwiches and salads are taken as a given. This is not the case in many American supermarkets. The variety tends to be very small. It is best to buy your own bread and fillings for meals on the go.

If spending a long time on a road, i.e engaging in a road trip you should visit a supermarket right at the start of your journey. Take care to pack many snacks, for travelling for 5 – 7 hours at a time, even with rest stops can leave you feeling peckish.

Image result for pack of 12 large water bottles

  • Buy water bottles in bulk. DO NOT DRINK TAP WATER UNLESS COMPLETELY NECESSARY. The general filtration system of water is not the best, and in order to be completely certain for your health always have bottled water to hand. Buy large water bottles which can be left in the car boot, and a few smaller water bottles which can be regularly topped up with water from the larger bottle.


  • Buy fruits. Fruits are easily stored and relatively cheap with most produce being grown in California itself. They make for healthy and tasty snacks.
  • Buy crisps (or chips as the Americans like to say). There is a wide variety of crisps available which we in the UK do not have. The flammas doritos flavour being a favourite.
  • Buy bread and sandwich fillings

Religious Dietary Requirements

Halal Food

Image result for halal butcher

There are halal butchers in major cities but finding packaged halal food such as dry meats is a struggle, almost non existent. Throughout our road trip we had nothing but seafood except in San Francisco and Los Angeles.  If you are a serious meat eater pack halal dried meats such as corned beef in your hold luggage. It is best that these are canned meats.

If you wish to pack perishable items , do so in a cooler and check the cooler as a hold luggage rather than a carry on.

If you wish to go to a halal butcher type ‘halal butchers near me’ in Google. Be sure to read google reviews for hygiene standards which can often be poor.


Kosher food is easily accessible in many supermarkets and with many butchers even in small communities. Again do not hesitate to search ‘Kosher Butchers Near Me’ into google.

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