Alcatraz for me is the best place to visit in San Francisco.

BUT getting to Alcatraz and then enjoying your trip can be hard without the correct steps. Here is what you must do:

  1. Alcatraz Cruises is the only tour company which allows you to land on the island and then tour the island, all other companies simply sail around.

This is their website:     however tickets are usually sold out 1 month prior for off peak seasons and six months prior for peak seasons. Even befor booking your hotel book for Alcatraz.

Often other tours may offer the Alcatraz Cruises tours but always with an additional fee usually of $30 or as part of a package which includes tours to Angel Island etc.

Always try to book tickets with Alcatraz Cruises

The best cruise is the Night Cruise . Not only because of the atmosphere but also convenience of time allowing you to explore the whole of Downtown San Francisco before going on an Alcatraz Cruise to end the day.

2. Dress with a light jacket for it is often windy on the island.

3. Pushchairs are welcome on the island.

4. Food can only be eaten in the docking area however there are ample benches provided for picnicking.

5. On your way to or from Alcatraz ride on a Historic Streetcar for extra fun.




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