Why Self Cater In California?

When visiting from outside of California the cost of food can come as a shock whilst dining (both restaurants and cafes).  Meals which cost £40 in the UK can easily be priced at $70 dollars in San Francisco.With the exchange rate as of 29/08/2016 (post -brexit) this is £13.38 more.

If eating at least 3 meals a day with snacks in between for three days or more costs become apparent.

Self Catering serves as an effective alternative.

The Positives of Self Catering:

*It’s Cheaper* – Self-catering accommodation is great value especially for longer stays, and for families and larger groups

  1. Food products in shopping malls are still more expensive than in Europe BUT creating your own meals saves a considerable amount of money as larger quantities are brought.                                                                                                                                                           picnic-990025_1280.jpg
  2. Self catering allows flexibility – You don’t have to fit in with restaurant meal times, or worry about disturbing other guests (or them disturbing you!).
  3. . Self-catering  offers real living space, instead of just a place to sleep. Enjoy the best of both worlds, a fantastic holiday in a homely setting.
  4. Self catering saves time. A picnic hamper can be prepared a the start of the day so that extra effort and time does not need to be spent getting to a restaurant. Instead eat on the go or whilst enjoying the view.
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